Rampartview LLC has been providing high quality, affordable programming services to our clients for over fifteen years.

We specialize in building web based as well as backend service based applications using the Microsoft ® stack of tools and products. These tools allow for rapid development and integration and in the majority of cases are sufficient enough to solve most business problems.

While all these tools and products enable us to build high quality products, in our experience we have found that the programming aspect of building high quality applications is half the battle. What we find equally important is the organization of a project.

By using patterns such as Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) and architectures such as the Onion Architecture we can structure projects so they are easy to understand, easy to maintain, easy to expand and easy to test. Couple these with an ALM tool such as Microsoft ® Team Foundation Server that is set up to implement a coherent branching, merging, versioning and build structure and you have laid the groundwork for a successful project.

The combination of high quality development tools, well structured projects and proven patterns and architectures allow Rampartview LLC to deliver a quality product.

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